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Vivian Suter:
I Would Like to Invite You for Dinner

Auf Anregung der Secession entstand ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt zwischen Vivian Suter und ihrem Sohn, Frank Wild: In seinem Tonstudio in Panajachel nahmen sie im Februar dieses Jahres zusammen mit weiteren Musikern ein Stück auf – den Remake eines Songs, den die Künstlerin in den frühen 1980er-Jahren geschrieben und mit Martin Suter und Beat Keller eingespielt hat.


Reacting to a suggestion of the Secession, Vivian Suter and her son, Frank Wild, have created a joint project: In his recording studio in Panajachel, they recorded a track together with other musicians in February of this year – the remake of a song that the artist wrote in the early 1980s and recorded with Martin Suter and Beat Keller.

I Would Like to Invite You for Dinner


I wish you weren’t indigestible,

Soft and fluffy is my soul.

My tummy juices, don’t worry,

Are sweet like a licorice roll.


I would like to invite you for dinner,

Lick on some ice cream,

Sip some champagne.

I would lay out the street with rosy petals,

Picking up all the rosty nails.


Slowly I will swallow you,

Finally coming home.

By then my tummy will be screaming:

Constipation, constipation, constipation!

Foto: Estuardo Torres

Foto: Estuardo Torres

These are the lyrics of a song by Vivian Suter written and produced in Basel in the early 1980s.

Lyrics and vocals: Vivian Suter

Synthesizer: Martin Suter

Mastering: Beat Keller


On occasion of her Secession exhibition, A Stone in the Lake, Vivian Suter and her son, Frank Wild, made a new recording of this song in February 2023 in Panajachel, Guatemala.


Lyrics: Vivian Suter

Vocals:  Vivian Suter and Dammien Alexander

Keys: Eddy Estuardo Can Queché

Drums: Andy Petilú

Bass: Saulo Emmanuel Diaz Garcia

Guitar: Dammien Alexander

Photography: Estuardo Torres


Produced and engineered by Frank Wild at La Finca Studios

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