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/Members’ edition: making of

The art edition of Secession members


64 artworks in different formats and media
In a hand-made box, 37 x 27 x 7 cm


Limited edition of 150 copies
Signed and numbered
Secession 2013


Contributions “making of”

Artistic production processes, intellectual approaches and fields of action: making of is the title of the Secession’s art edition issued in 2013, with which the more than sixty members of the Association of Visual Artists provide insight into not only their own artistic work but also the diversity of contemporary artistic production in Austria. From delicate hand drawing to political intervention into the public space of the mass media, from a digital photo print to serial work in painting, from conceptual instructions for action on paper to three-dimensional objects – a majority of the contributions in making of are unique works with a serial quality. The intention of the art edition is to underline the identity of the Secession as an exhibition centre founded and still run by artists to the present day, and to convey this special character.

Mitgliederedition: making of

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