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/Artists: Siggi Hofer in conversation with Bettina Spörr

Secession Podcast: Artists  is a series of conversations featuring artists exhibiting at the Secession. This episode is a conversation between the artist Siggi Hofer and the curator Bettina Spörr. It was recorded on May 31, 2022 in the context of the exhibition:


Siggi Hofer
Still Life
4 March – 12 June 2022


In Still Life, Siggi Hofer has conceived an immersive installation in dialogue with the Secession’s characteristic architecture: we enter a large tableau composed of numerous and diverse works that in many ways reflects the baffling complexity of our contemporary reality. More


Bettina Spörr is a curator at the Secession since 2008. Previously she was assistant curator and exhibition coordinator at the Generali Foundation Vienna.


The Dorotheum is the exclusive sponsor of the Secession Podcast.

Jingle: Hui Ye with an excerpt from Combat of dreams for string quartet and audio feed (2016, Christine Lavant Quartett) by Alexander J. Eberhard


Editing & digital post-production: Paul Macheck


Programmed by the board of the Secession
Produced by Christian Lübbert

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