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Christine Sun Kim im Gespräch mit Bill Dietz

Donnerstag, 16.2.2023, 18.00 Uhr

Christine Sun Kim was born in Orange County, California, in 1980 and lives and works in Berlin. Small-format drawings and sprawling murals, internet memes, text messages in public spaces, and banners towed across the sky by airplanes: her works pack a punch and seem to want to explode the confines and constraints of their media. Language, sound, body, identity and diaspora, translation, hierarchization, principles of exclusion, and societal norms are some of the vital concerns to which the artist dedicates herself in her formally diverse output. Kim’s art is rhythmical and dynamic and yet unmistakably political, at its core demanding greater visibility for Deaf people and wider recognition of disability access writ large.


The composer and writer Bill Dietz was born in Arizona. He has been co-chair of the Bard MFA Music/Sound Department, New York, since 2012 and was appointed artistic director of Overtoon—Platform for Sound, Brussels, in late 2022. His work on the genealogy of reception and the “political aesthetics of listening” has attracted considerable attention both in museum settings and at festivals and through magazines. In 2013, he and Woody Sullender launched the online publication Ear│Wave│Event. He is the author and editor of works including “L’école de la claque” (2017), on historic and contemporary audience behaviors, and “Eight Tutorial Diversions” (2009–2014, 2015). He coedited the volume “Maryanne Amacher: Selected Writings and Interviews” (2020) with Amy Cimini and is the coauthor, with Kerstin Stakemeier, of “Universal Receptivity” (2021).


The talk is in English and American Sign Language, with simultaneous interpretation into Austrian Sign Language. 


An event by the Friends of the Secession


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