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/Artists: Karrabing Film Collective in conversation with Bettina Spörr

Secession Podcast: Artists is a series of conversations featuring artists exhibiting at the Secession. This episode is a conversation between the Indigenous media group Karrabing Film Collective (represented by Cecilia Lewis, Elizabeth Povinelli and Akaydia Lee) and the curator Bettina Spörr. It was recorded on April 27, 2023 in the context of the exhibition:


Karrabing Film Collective

They pretending not to see us...

28.4. – 18.6.2023


The Karrabing Film Collective is an intergenerational grassroots media group of around thirty Indigenous filmmakers and Elizabeth Povinelli, who has known and worked with Karrabing members and their parents and grandparents for almost forty years. Karrabing lands stretch along the coast from across the Darwin harbor to Anson Bay, Northern Territory. Karrabing’s films reflect their multidimensional relationships with each other, their land, their ancestors, and human and more-than-human life. They tell stories of their fraught relations with the Australian government, the lingering effects of white settler capitalism, repression by the police and authorities, and white Australians’ failure to recognize Indigenous ways of life. More


Bettina Spörr is a curator at the Secession since 2008. Previously she was assistant curator and exhibition coordinator at the Generali Foundation Vienna.


The Dorotheum is the exclusive sponsor of the Secession Podcast.


Jingle: Hui Ye with an excerpt from Combat of dreams for string quartet and audio feed (2016, Christine Lavant Quartett) by Alexander J. Eberhard


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