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Beatriz Santiago Muñoz
6.12.2024 – 2.2.2025

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, That which identifies them, like the eye of the cyclops, 2016, production still, Courtesy the artist

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz is an artist whose expanded moving-image work is entangled with Boalian theater, experimental ethnography, and feminist thought. She develops her films and videos through writing as well as through chance encounters and structured improvisation with non-actors. The mutual recognition of each other’s presence is thus the starting point for establishing pivotal audiovisual connections, which form the conceptual basis of her work. She also deftly uses film technology as an instrument to draw attention to the construction of moving images, as when she manipulates the camera’s lens or creates presentations composed of several overlapping projections. Her recent work explores the sensorial unconscious of anti-colonial movements, feminist experiments with form, and everyday poetic work in the Caribbean. 


Recent and upcoming solo exhibitions include Oriana at Argos, Brussels; Oriana at PIVO, São Paulo; Ottilia at CRAC Alsace, Altkirch; and Poetic Disorder as part of the Momenta Biennale, Montreal. She has received the Herb Alpert Arts Award and an Artes Mundi Award and is one of two inaugural CARA Fellows. 

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

*1972 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, lebt und arbeitet in San Juan.

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