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Agnes Fuchs & Johannes Schlebrügge

Donnerstag, 6.10.2022, 19.00 Uhr

Agnes Fuchs: POETIK . Technik Dada / poetics – tech. dada



The book is published by SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR.

Text contribution by Franz Pichler


German/English, 96 pages, 23 × 29,8 cm, image/text montages, brochure


In an experimental investigation, published as an artist’s book in magazine format, different components and images are woven into the contexts and text worlds of technical devices and “interposed”. Putting readability at disposal can be a subversive act in which Dada and Ada Lovelace, cut-up and concrete poetry combine with technology. In this sense, the process of transmission and interconnection is used to analyse attributions and designations in areas of technology and digital technology in relation to their social perception. The publication also contains excerpts from texts by the systems theorist and mathematician Franz Pichler. His contributions on the history of the emergence of information technology provide a timeline and basic knowledge on the development of technical components, materials and processes, which in poetics – tech. dadaare actors and pawns.


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