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Peter Zolly | Kinky Muppet (Katrin Plavčak & Oliver Stotz & Nicholas Hoffman)

Dienstag, 5.9.2023, 20.00 Uhr

For the final event in this year’s Tuesday@Secession series, we cordially invite you to an evening of community in the Secession’s garden. Look forward to contributions by Peter Zolly and Kinky Muppet (Katrin Plavčak & Oliver Stotz & Nicholas Hoffmann).


Peter Zolly



As darkness settles in, Peter Zolly’s work takes shape: the idyll is the menace.

Tuesday@Secession, Peter Zolly, IDYLLE

Kinky Muppet (Katrin Plavčak & Oliver Stotz & Nicholas Hoffman)

Kinky Muppet


The final act to go onstage in this year’s Tuesday@Secession event series is Kinky Muppet. Kinky, that’s eccentric and weird, and a Muppet is a dimwit or an American puppet; Kinky Muppet is the name of an artificial angling bait, while Kinky Muppet is a band from Vienna. Some of their songs creak and clank into action, then assault listeners with a helter-skelter riff, only to break out of the rut once more with unexpected bridges and changes of rhythm. You’ll never know what hit you, but you sure as hell won’t be bored.


Katrin Plavčak (guitar & vocals), Nicholas Hoffman (bass, baritone & vocals), and Oliver Stotz’s (drums & samples) motto seems to be: never live up to a cliché but still be rock’n’roll. That’s why elaborate chord progressions and solos on the guitar and bass guitar alternate with rousing refrains and meditative and fantastic chants whose lyrics and rhythmical quirks brim with queer wantonness—Captain Beefheart and Juana Molina have nothing on them. No wonder: all three Kinkies (or Muppets?) are savvy practitioners of other arts as well and bring plenty of drive and thrive to their work. They’re building a road in the middle of the street. Yeah? Yeah, yeah.


Tuesday@Secession, Kinky Muppet, Collage by Nicholas Hoffman, 2023




Peter Zolly, b. Spittal an der Drau, 1957, lives and works in Vienna. He has had numerous solo exhibitions, contributed work to group shows in Austria and abroad, and realized projects in public settings.


Katrin Plavčak is a Vienna-based artist who has performed with a wide variety of bands. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and teaches paintings and drawing at the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts.


Nicholas Hoffman, b. Canton, Ohio, is a Vienna-based visual artist and musician. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Oliver Stotz is a composer, arranger, and programmer and works for a number of bands and theater projects. As a musician, he currently performs with Gustav, Pendler, Bernhard Schnur, and Peter Hein. He previously worked with Ground/Lift, C-im-Kreis, Scrooge, and numerous other bands.



Programmed by the board of the Secession
Curated by Christian Lübbert

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