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Gabu Heindl, Johanna Tinzl, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński & Stephanie Misa

Dienstag, 6.9.2022, 19.30 Uhr

We cordially invite you to an evening in the garden of the Secession for the tenth and last event of the Tuesday@Secession series. There will be contributions by Gabu Heindl, Johanna Tinzl with Eva Seiler as well as Stephanie Misa & Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński.


7.30 p.m. – Gabu Heindl

Gabu Heindl presents part of her work Housing Manifesto, which is dedicated to concrete intersectional and transgenerational alternatives to the housing crisis drawing from urban-political, architectural and theoretical as well as artistic means. She has been working on the project in diverse activist, practical, and discursive contexts, among others as part of her publication City Conflicts. Radical Democracy in Architecture and Urban Planning (2020) and in her solo exhibition Urban Conflicts – A Housing Manifesto at the Brno Gallery of Architecture (2021).

URBAN CONFLICTS – A HOUSING MANIFESTO, Gabu Heindl Solo Exhibition, Brno Gallery of Architecture Photo: Jan Prokopius

Gabu Heindl Solo Exhibition, Brno Gallery of Architecture
Foto: Jan Prokopius

Gabu Heindl Solo Exhibition, Brno Gallery of Architecture
Photo: Jan Prokopius

8.45 p.m. – Johanna Tinzl with Eva Seiler
In their essay film BEYOND FUTURE, the artists Johanna Tinzl and Eva Seiler investigate the future. In the search for images that have not yet materialized, their cinematic research project pursues to find a future in a present, yet to be revealed by its past.


“We drove from Detroit to Silicon Valley, across the United States – from east to west. Starting in Detroit, the city that became synonymous with the decline of industrial manufacturing as we had known it, we chose the car as the means of transportation for the trip, and the road trip as the format, because even in post-industrial society, the car still stands for autonomy and for freedom, despite climate change.


The US offers a very diverse field of research for our interest in visions of the future:


Belief in the future and technology, various alternative lifestyles and their narratives of the future, and a Civil Rights Movement culture embedded in society. …”


For the last evening of the Tuesday@Secession series, the two artists invite you to accompany their journey and join a subsequent discussion. The film makes use of ‘magic realism’, representing the fusion of real reality (tangible, visible, rational) and magical reality (hallucinations, dreams). A third reality, as a synthesis of the realities we are familiar with, emerges.

Eva Seiler & Johanna Tinzl: BEYOND FUTURE – on location Taos, New Mexico, 2016

Eva Seiler & Johanna Tinzl: BEYOND FUTURE – on location Taos, New Mexico, 2016

10 p.m. – Stephanie Misa & Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński

Stephanie Misa and Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński end the Tuesday@Secession series on a high note. Flanked by the infamous and legendary DJ-collective Bicha Boo (Mzamo Nondlawana & Pêdra Costa), and further special guests, the event opens with a screening of two video works: The Diamond (Princess) Is Forever(2020) by Stephanie Misa, James Clar and Multiple Spirits (Mika Maruyama & Mai Endo) and Respire (2022) by Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński. On the occasion of the admission of a wide variety of new members, they will set the tone for an evening of joyful celebration and communal gatherings. Expect images, sound, dancing, and possibly singing.

Bicha Boo Collective Photo © Doris Meixner

Bicha Boo Collective Photo © Doris Meixner


Bicha Boo Collective Photo © Doris Meixner





Gabu Heindl is an architect, urban planner and activist in Vienna. Heindl is Professor of “Architecture City Economy” | Building Economy and Project Development at the University of Kassel and teaches at the Architectural Association in London. She was professor of urban planning in Nuremberg and visiting professor at Sheffield University. She did her Doctorate at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and completed her Post-graduate Master at Princeton University. With her studio GABU Heindl Architektur, she focuses on public space, public buildings, affordable housing, and collaborations in the fields of politics of remembering and critical artistic practice, including: school and kindergarten buildings, Stadtkino Foyer (2013), Filmmuseum Wien (2008), Intersectional Stadthaus (2016), SchLoR (under construction), various exhibition architecture, e.g. at the Jewish Museum Vienna, Wienbibliothek, Haus der Geschichte Österreich, as well as her own exhibition contributions in venues in Venice, New York and Hong Kong a.o. She is the author of numerous publications, most recently: City Conflicts. Radical Democracy in Architecture and Urban Planning, Vienna 2020.


Johanna Tinzl lives and works in Vienna. She studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her practice encompasses a broad spectrum of media and emerges from a sensitive and participatory engagement with the history of specific people, communities and their places, which she links to collective memories and politically motivated processes of representation. She is particularly interested in the performativity of historical narratives and the visualization of precarious moments of the political in the everyday. In her fictional as well as documentary approaches and the constant consideration of multi-voiced narration, Tinzl’s works question and counter monolithic constructions of history.


Tinzl’s work has been shown and discussed internationally at exhibitions, screenings, and workshops. Most recently at Kunstraum Lakeside in Klagenfurt together with Eva Seiler (2021), online at Belvedere 21 (2020) and at Kunsthalle Wien (2020).


Eva Seiler lives and works in Vienna. She studied scenography and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Her artistic approach questions the roles of human-animal relationships and how the coexistence of human and non-human animals will be carried out in the future. Emerging from hybrid modes of relationship, she uses both organic materials and industrial products for her objects.


Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński is a Vienna-based artist and writer. Interlacing the documentary with the fictional, her works manifest themselves through a variety of media and dissect the presence of a past without closure. Her current show Seven Scenes is on view at Camera Austria Graz until November 20th, 2022.


Stephanie Misa is a visual artist, also based in Vienna. Misa’s work consistently displays an interest in complex and diverse histories, relating to these topics through her installations, sculptures, videos, prints, and writing. Her latest show The Snake & the Archive in collaboration with Multiple Spirits, is on view at the Koda House on Governor’s Island, New York till September 15, 2022, and will also be shown at Pengerkatu 7 – Työhuone in Helsinki in September 2022.


Bicha Boo Collective is a performative and festive audio-visual collective of Mzamo Nondlwana & Pêdra Costa, playing tracks by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, focusing on Women, Trans* and Queer artists, making you shake your ass since 2017.



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