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Yuki Okumura
28.11.2024 – 2.2.2025

Yuki Okumura, The Man Who, 2019, sequenzierte Filmfragmente von Interviews mit Marja Bloem, Michel Claura, Herman Daled, Michèle Didier, Rudi Fuchs, Yves Gevaert, Kasper König, Jean-Hubert Martin, Phillip Van den Bossche, Isi Fiszman gewidmet, 116 min. 15 sec., Courtesy MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo

Fascinated by the fundamental human confinement to a particular body that itself is chained to the here and now and informed by his own experience of having worked as a translator, Yuki Okumura has created a growing oeuvre of escape attempts from identity, individuality, and egoistic self by exploring language, memory, chance-oriented methodologies, and site-specific contexts. Art history, the institutional system of exhibitions, and interpersonal relations among art practitioners serve him as a field of experiments.


Following his recent project 7,502,733 at the Aichi Triennale 2022, in which he singlehandedly reactivated thirty conceptual processes by thirty-one artists selected from a 1969 group show in Seattle, Okumura’s exhibition in the Main Hall will host new projects revolving around the biography and personality, so to speak, of the Secession itself as an organic and dynamic being.

Yuki Okumura

geboren 1978 in Aomori, Japan, lebt und arbeitet hauptsächlich in der mitteleuropäischen Zeitzone.

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