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Bronwyn Lace (Performance Lecture)

Dienstag, 30.7.2024, 20.00 Uhr

The fourth event in this year’s Tuesday@Secession series the artist Bronwyn Lace will conduct a performative lecture based around themes of memory and colonial histories.


Bronwyn Lace



Through a performative and experimental lecture artist Bronwyn Lace merges personal memory with archival footage, delivered in part through a cappella solos and synchronously joining choral recordings and responding to projected silent footage shot in colonial Africa from 94 years ago. Through a narrative retelling of events from her childhood and her life as an artist agitator, Lace draws lines between 19th century Dahomey (now Benin), the rural Botswana of her childhood, and present-day Johannesburg and Vienna. Woven throughout these narratives are anecdotal misreading’s and incidental connections between the songs “Ave Maria” and “Amazing Grace”, Lace ponders the role of the Catholic church in her journey, how quickly grace becomes sour grapes and the interconnectedness of the church, alcoholism and slavery.

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