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/Jennifer Tee TAMPAN TULIP. Seasonal Work

Format: 16 x 16 cm
Details: Softcover, thread binding, 192 pages
Concept: Jennifer Tee
Texts: Annette Südbeck/Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (preface), Natasha Ginwala, Sophie Williamson
approx. 120 images
Secession 2022
Distribution: Revolver Publishing


This publication revisits Jennifer Tee’s tampan tulip series and the themes, motifs, and research that went into it. It features immersive details from the tulip collage series, research documentation, and essays, introducing the reader to the core aspects and terminologies behind the original Indonesian Lampung tampans weavings and to how Tee has considered and worked with these aspects in the series while acknowledging her own subjectivity.

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