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/“Woman, Life, Freedom”

Woman, Life, Freedom © Christopher Frieß

© Christopher Frieß

The current movement in Iran is radical and feminist and refuses to give up. We need to listen to these people, both so we can support their struggle and so that we can learn invaluable lessons. We support the weekslong resistance across numerous Iranian cities against oppression and discrimination in the Islamic Republic.


The Secession stands in solidarity against discrimination based on gender and sexuality in patriarchal systems, against sexualized violence, femicide, homophobia, transphobia, racism, social injustice, and sexism, and against stereotypical categorizations of people.


The artist @neonblaufish has created a mix of the song “Barāye [Āzādi]” (“For [Freedom]”) for the Secession. The Iranian singer Shervin Hajipour’s protest song has been described as the “anthem” of the protests in Iran. The track will be audible outside the Secession for the next two weeks.


For the woman,


For freedom
For freedom
For freedom


“For [Freedom]” or Barāye [Āzādi]”
by Shervin Hajipour.



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