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/Stop War in Ukraine

Stop War in Ukraine

Secession 2022, photo: Michael Strasser

The Vienna Secession strongly condemns the war against Ukraine launched by Putin and his acolytes. The aggressors have brought a terrible tragedy on Ukraine and on all of Europe.


We express our support and solidarity to all citizens of Ukraine regardless of their ethnicity and the language they speak. We stand in solidarity with those citizens of Russia whose peaceful protests are being violently suppressed and criminalized by the current dictatorship. 


The Secession Vienna stands in solidarity with all people who are committed to a free, diverse society of peaceful coexistence and must now fight for it.


We continue to believe in the power of art and the pacifying effect of culture and call on Austria and the European Union to support Ukraine, support the Russian opposition, open the doors to refugees and stand firmly against Putin’s criminal regime.


A statement by the board of the Association of Visual Artists Vienna Secession

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